Bears Can't Drift!? 1.01 PS4 Patch

Note from the developer:
Its finally here! Thank you all so much for your patience. Its been a huge learning curve and there have been some major set backs between the initial release and patch. Things are back up and running now so fingers crossed this patch will fix all the issues people have had with the game. I hope you enjoy the game and good luck with that platinum!

Patch notes

  1. Save icon material now renders correctly in server room
  2. Everyone's a winner trophy no longer unlocks when coming in fourth place
  3. Mortor strike power up no longer blocks out the screen in red
  4. Mortor strikes now hit the player allowing the trophy to unlock
  5. Server room background materials now render correctly
  6. Tires no longer flicker while idle
  7. medium difficulty trophy no longer unlocks while attempting to activate hard mode
  8. Trophies no longer retroactively unlock
  9. Time trial modes in Arctic and Ruin worlds have been reduced
  10. Save data check runs at the start of the game to warn if save data is corrupt or missing
  11. Pigeon hat trophy now unlock


Arran Langmead4 Comments