Bears Can't Drift!? Introduction

The development of Bears Can't Drift!? has been a difficult one. The game started life on Ouya as part of a 5 day Unity project. After releasing, we were contacted by Ouya with the possibility of publishing. Over a period of  one month, we developed a game slice which unfortunately Ouya chose not to fund, so we launched a kickstarter instead... that didn't quite work out either.

Due to lack of funds the programmer that I worked with had to leave, so I decided to start from scratch on Bears Can't Drift!? 2.0.

While I had no real programming experience, I did have some success in the past with Unreals Kismet (a node based visual script). Unreal Engine 4 had just been released, so I decided to give their new Blueprint system a go!

I took the track from the old build and revamped it with new artwork. The game could now have a higher fidelity as it was no longer being developed on Ouya. 

With the new track came new assets. The original Bears Can't Drift!? had to have the entire map and all assets contained within one texture to keep the draw calls to a minimum. The new version of the game had less restrictions so I was free to stretch my artistic muscles.

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