Developer: Arran Langmead, Strangely Named

Southampton, UK

Release Date: Summer 2016

Platforms: Steam and PS4


Regular Price: £7.99


Put your paw to the floor and power slide between the pines as you face-off against up to three friends in multiplayer split screen. Collect weapons and power-ups to blast your opponents off the track or look out for a sneaky shortcut to take the lead.

Including twelve tracks spread across three hub worlds and a complete campaign mode with up to eleven computer-controlled opponents, Bears Can’t Drift!? is retro karting action with a modern look and feel.

Game Modes


Single Race

Race against up to 8 AI opponents with 3 friends (4 player split-screen) over three laps in this hectic battle for first place. Use the pickups found throughout the track to give you shot at victory. 

Time Trial

Put your skills to the test in a drive only, infinite time trial. Use the action button to quick restart if things go wrong and try to beat the top times and friends with four player split-screen. 


This twist on the battle arena will have you and your friends dashing back and forth between picnic baskets in a fun filled fight for food. Use the pickups to hit other players and steal their food but be careful not to get hit yourself!


Its time to get tactical, there are four different weapons to choose from. The Salmon (Forward attack), Bee (Rear attack), Chameleon (Shield) or Bird (Boost). But it doesn't stop there, either use your pickup or combine it to make an even more powerful attack!. In total their are 14 different weapons to choose from.

Hub World

Bears Can't Drift!? takes inspiration from classic PS1 and N64 games with an open hub world to explore. We hate menus so almost all the options for the game can be found in the hub world as an explorable area of the game. Choose your difficulty, player character, game mode and track.


  • Tight controls
  • Fast paced action
  • 3 themes with Unique hub worlds
  • 3 Unique game modes
  • 3 Difficulty modes
  • 12 Tracks
  • 4 Player Split-screen
  • Up to 11 Ai opponents
  • No menus
  • 4 Pickups
  • 8 total pickup combinations


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Head over to our youtube channel to see WIP footage of Bears Can't Drift!? and see how it has progressed over the last 10 months.


Bears Can't Drift!? started life as a small Unity game for the OUYA developed by two guys. Shortly after release, we were contacted by Ouya with the possibility of publishing. Over a period of  one month we developed a vertical slice, which unfortunately Ouya decided against funding. So we launched a kickstarter instead... that didn't quite work out either. With no funds left, the programmer had to find work elsewhere. Making Bears Can't Drift!? a development team of one.

With no programmer I decided to start from scratch with a new target platform and a new game engine. Making the switch from Unity to Unreal Engine 4 was an easy one. As a 3D artist I had no programming experience but I did have some previous experience using Kismet (UDK's visual scripting language) I decided to try and make Bears Can't Drift!? using Unreal Engine 4's Blueprint system. Bears Can't Drift!? would be made with no 'traditional' coding whatsoever. With the target platforms being Steam and PS4, this was not an easy feat.

During development, Bears Can't Drift!? was featured on both Polycount and the Unreal Engine's Forum. It was also a lucky recipient of the Unreal Developer Grant, receiving $14,000.

7 months into development two new members joined the team. Adam Barton (business partner and co-developer) and Rachel Simpson, Freelance Composer and Sound Designer.

Bears Can't Drift!? is out now on Steam and PS4!


Adam Barton, Developer.

Arran Langmead, Developer.

Rachel Simpson, Music and SFX.